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The MaxFit team has over 30 years of experience combined, here at Maximum Fitness we treat our members like family. We take pride in greeting everyone new or seasoned with a smile and encouragement. Our certified trainers come from all walks of life, from former military to college athletes. 


In 2016, the Maximum Fitness journey began after opening in the small town of Walkersville, located in Frederick County, MD.  Although the opening was recent, it was years in the making through hard work and dedication by its owners, Vaughn and Michelle Whitfield.  For nearly a decade, both Vaughn and Michelle completed fitness training camps throughout Maryland.  Vaughn’s inspiration derived from working with countless military personnel while serving in the US Navy. 


To better help communities attain one of the greatest gifts of all--that of good health.  Personal gains, such as improved self-esteem and self-motivation, combined with measurable benefits will create tremendous advantages for families and individuals alike.


This company dedicates great focus in instituting effective exercise and nutrition programs.  The most common feedback received from members is that they look and feel better.  That is the case for anyone who engages in regular exercise.  The Surgeon General has added regular exercise to their recommendations.  At MaxFit Franchise, we will educate you about how to introduce our exercise model, while providing the necessary tools to help you along the way.


Maximum Fitness 24/7 is gaining popularity.  Our first facility opened in 2016, our second in 2019 and our third in 2020.  We are excited to further advance our proven model with MaxFit Franchising. 


The best way to get to know us is experience Maximum Fitness 24/7 for yourself.  Visit one of our clubs today or contact us for a virtual tour to learn more about what we can do to help you achieve your financial goals.  We look forward to welcoming you as a new member to the MaxFit family.


The intent of the franchise sales information has not been provided as an offer to purchase a franchise, nor the solicitation to purchase a franchise by MaxFit Franchise LLC, its related bodies, or anyone else. The offer of a MaxFit Franchise can only be made through the delivery of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The MaxFit franchise has been registered in certain jurisdictions. MaxFit franchise will not offer a franchise in a jurisdiction that it has not registered in. MaxFit franchise will offer a franchise in the state after it has either officially registered or obtained an exemption from registration. Registration in a state does not constitute an approval or endorsement of any legal regulating body of the state.

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